” The Best Frame Spacer Made in the USA “

“Better Tools for a Better Beekeeping Experience”

Sometimes, an innovative new approach to life calls for a little Miss Bee Haven.

Based in Hugo, Minnesota, Miss Bee Haven produces creative new solutions to make the beekeeping process smoother for beginning and experienced beekeepers.

Founder Steve Woolstencroft started Miss Bee Haven after retiring from nearly 40 years in the manufacturing industry. When he started taking beekeeping classes as a hobby, it was quickly apparent to Woolstencroft that a lot of beekeeping equipment was expensive, cumbersome, and redundant. Drawing on his nearly 40 years of experience in the tooling design industry, he decided to make a better way.

Woolstencroft began devising his own designs for more effective beekeeping equipment, using a home computer and a 3D printer. His creations emphasize efficiency and ease, improving conditions not only for the hives, but also for the beekeeper. His solutions are simple, practical, and easy to use. Miss Bee Haven frame spacers, for example, not only create more room for bees and lighter hives—they also double as mouse guards to protect hives from predators during their vulnerable winter months.

Since 2017, Miss Bee Haven has served an international market of beekeepers, using materials produced in the U.S.A. Woolstencroft is constantly tinkering with new solutions to old problems, and has learned from personal experience what works best in his own hives.

In addition to his beekeeping inventions, Woolstencroft also sells honey and beeswax candles directly out of his home in Hugo. His business is a member of the Minnesota Grown network of farmers and producers that emphasize locally grown foods and livestock to support a more sustainable food system.

Miss Bee Haven takes an eco-friendly, sustainable approach to beekeeping and beekeeping products by using recycled and locally produced materials.

For Woolstencroft, beekeeping is a constant learning experience. Part of his mission at Miss Bee Haven is to offer support and tools for beekeepers who are still learning. He aims to help anyone interested in beekeeping, and encourages new keepers to get in touch.

“I try to help people out and come out with these products to make people’s lives easier,” Woolstencroft said.

Contact Miss Bee Haven at 651-260-0067 with questions and to learn more about our innovative, locally produced beekeeping products.